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black ops 3 hacks

Welcome to the #1 source for Black Ops 3 Hacks on the web! Our custom programs are available for all platforms (Xbox LIVE \ PSN \ PC). August 19th, 2015 is when Beta is available and our Black Ops 3 Hacks include a beta key generator that can get you into that beta program, guaranteed.  We (TopGearHacks) started our project in December 2014 when we started developing Hack programs for Black Ops 2; when we decided to move to the new Black Ops 3 Hacks project. Luckily we were able to get a head start on the site, and the programs because we had a few people who work hand in hand with Activision. Thanks to them, unfortunatley I cannot name any names due to job jeapordy, We are able to enjoy the features and full functionality of Black Ops 3 Hacks early. I want to take the time to thank our team managers ont he project, David “Night” Nichols, Ashton, Jeremy Hoffman, and our assistant manager, Zachary Naples! We have over 30 people on the project and they had a great start right from the get go! With their experience in Call of Duty and the challenging new features that Black Ops 3 presents: Wall Grinding, Skidding, Angle differantion, and extreme jumping; this Halo perspective of Call of Duty has been an extremely tribulating time! With all the Hardships behind us we finally were able to get all of our Black Ops 3 Hacks out to the public…FOR FREE. There is absolutley no cost to get these hacks! As a security feature to protect our product and to recieve a small portion of funds to keep the hacks for future games coming, we are asking that everyone please successfully fill out a survey! These are at no cost to you and you do NOT have to pay a dime! There is a “How-to” video located on the site that will guide you through the process! Our Black Ops 3 Hacks have features such as:

-Anti Gravity (Hang on walls)

-All Weapons / skin unlocks

-Aimbot Feature (dont over-use)

-UAV Hack

-Transparent Walls

-Level Hack

-Much More!

             As a copyright notice, we are not allowing ANY body or 3rd party site to copy our program, if you  see a site with our same program once again contact our support email at, they will contact our lawyers and send a cease and desist order to the website before we take further action. Feel free to get in touch with our support line as well for any issues you’re having with the program or any input / feedback you would like to provide our team to allow us to provide you better Black Ops 3 Hacks and we will take it in consideration and if we make any changes we will credit the suggestor with the ingenuity. Thank you all for the support, our users are the reason we are still alive!

– TopGearHacks