Black Ops 3 Download

Welcome to the Black Ops 3 Download section, here is a compiled list of all our downloads available from our hacks, beta codes, and our cracked version of Black Ops 3 for PC! (recommended with 2.4 Ghz or higher).

Black Ops 3 Download List



The Black Ops 3 Download list was developed by TopGearHacks, our lead project manager is David Nichols, was responsible for initating this project and enabling our Activision partners to guide our team into production! To receive any of the Black Ops 3 Download availability, just click on what you like and just complete the human verification process to have full access to any of the Black Ops 3 Download options listed above. Now you can have access to any of the hacks available for Black Ops 3 before anyone else! This is an exclusive set of Cheats created soley for a better Call of Duty experience! If you expereicne any downtime or issues that need to be notated and made aware to our producers, please feel free to once again contact us at

The Beta Version for Black Ops 3 will only be available for PS4 users for the first week of beta! However, make sure to get a code regarding your console and to ‘OPT’ in if you are an Xbox Live user! The availability of our Black Ops 3 Download list will be updated, upgraded, and hold maintenance sessions on a daily basis on EST hours ( 8 am – 10 am).

Our cracked version for PC was ripped right from the original file contents!  This download should be a simple download with the ability to enter your beta access key into the system before playing! Just download, sign up, enter your unique beta code, and get in the action!

The Mod Menu Availability will be up immediately upon the release of all console versions of Black Ops 3; There will be specific instructions on how to download each mod menu and how to install it successfully onto your console of choice without additional jailbreaking!

We have also included a bonus Tip List for those who want to download our exclusive secret gamer’s guide to Black Ops 3 for people who want to play clean! (We included all the different styles and classes available to play!)

As an extra security feature we included an “Anti-ban”  plugin to be included with all of the downloads! (except the Tip List download) You simply can follow the .txt instructions included and it will give you all the details about how and why installing this program is extremely beneficial while this game is in early development!

At TopGearHacks we would like to thank all of our users for supporting our team over the years and would love to hear all your feedbacks! Make sure to contact our email support line and give us a heads up of how we are doing!  -Nate