Black Ops 3 Tips

Black Ops 3 Tips

UPDATE 11 / 18 /2015

Zombie Mod Menu – Available for Download! (Black Ops 3 Tips becomes News Central for the site!)

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Our new exposure to the Zombie Mod Menu which allows a person to have access to:

– All Weapons from Black Ops 2 Zombies, including Jet Gun!
– Infinite Health / Ammo
– All Perks
– All the Black Ops 3 Weapons, we included a special surprise for you too!
– Maps
– Headshot Aimbot
-More inside…

With TopGearHacks’ release of the zombie mod menu it can be downloaded for free here — Only available at black ops 3 tips web page. With our previous mod menu we decided to stray away from a multi-platform single mod menu that would require us to update the whole sites downloads, instead we placed it here on this page.


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Even though most of our programs have techniques that are considered to be “un-ethical”.. and we understand that! so as an alternative we have offered our Black Ops 3 Tips as a little something to give you an advantage over the opponent without having to alter any information! With our helpful hints and tricks, you can now have the upper hand before you even enter a match! To download our Black Ops 3 Tips simply click the download button below! Black Ops 3 takes on a whole new gaming experience with an extremely different playing environment, mixing Halo’s low gravity jumps and a parkour environment like the game “dying light”; Black Ops 3 Tips will be an essential tool to help any person!

What to expect in Black Ops 3 Tips download!

– New Perk System

-New Class System

-Major Playing Styles

-Defense and Offense tactics

-The Brand New Abilities

-What to Expect!

-Much More!

Get your free copy of our Black Ops 3 Tips and guide, just by simply clicking the download button below! We provide a free service to our fans and would like to thank them by allowing ALL the people to have access to our items and not just the people who want to hack the game! We offer a source for the people who still want play without hacking and just want to enjoy a game how it was intended to be played. We at TopGearHacks understand that.. we know that those people are out there and we want to serve them as well! After you get a good taste of the game and play it for real, I suggest a little boost in your game by downloading any of our other programs! Now enjoy and make sure to contact us if you have any feedback. To reach us our email is

And to clarify, our Black Ops 3 Tips and hacks are always available… we will always deliver updates if not daily AT MOST every other day. We only want to improve YOUR gaming experience… why wait? Get started today!